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BIND 9 gives us the ability to run a split DNS configuration on a single server, in this article we will go over the configuration of slave servers which will transfer the zones from the master while still maintaining its views. Now before we go any further, if you do not have a working master […]

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In almost all organizations the network infrastructure needs to be designed in such a way as to allow both internal and external name resolution authoritatively.  In most organizations this has been accomplished by having separate internal and external servers.  Clearly this way is functional and simpler, however it is also wasteful considering how little resources […]

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Linux-KVM and Linux Containers both require a bridged interface so that it can be shared with the guests.  This can also be useful if you want to share a network configuration between a wireless card and a wired card (though I will not be going into this particular configuration).  Configuring a bridge is a pretty […]

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