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If you have a large Exchange environment with a large amount of users, contacts, distribution lists, and public folders you can end up “losing” email addresses.  It can take a lot of time to perform the different types of searches required to locate an email address.  Or you can use powershell and locate it quickly.

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Using the Active Directory Modules included with Windows 7 + Windows 2008 R2 we can use powershell to identify computer accounts which are “stale” and have not changed their passwords in a specified amount of time. Define the Windows for “Stale” Example will check for 365 days old. Count the Number of PCs which are […]

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Using WMI and Powershell we can remotely configure a client machine to use DHCP as long as you (1) have administrator rights on the remote machine (2) want all interfaces to be DHCP (3) know the computer name or IP of the remote machine (4) have Powershell installed on your machine, remote machine is not […]

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It is widely accepted as best practice to not use your root account in general.  In Solaris they like some Linux distributions have gone so far as to prevent root access to SSH.  Now we could go the route of permitting route logins to SSH however this would not be ideal from a security perspective.  […]

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In our previous article “ZFS: Snapshot Management” we learned about the many methods of using snapshots to give you a shorter path to recovery as well as reduce the time needed to revert changes that need to be reversed.  Today we will discuss clones, which are essentially a copy-on-write duplicate of an existing snapshot, which […]

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