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In our environment ZFS has become a critical component of our Storage Infrastructure.  We have been able to provision Fibre Channel storage from our ZFS file systems which give us the benefit of data integrity, deduplication, performance through use of the ARC, L2ARC, and ZIL as needed.  Additionally the real benefit to ZFS is our […]

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So let me start out by saying…  This isn’t so much of a problem with ZFS, as it is just a problem with the tools available in Solaris (not to mention whatever device actually screwed up the timestamp in the first place).  But so here is the story.  We have found that migrating our lower […]

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PfSense is a FreeBSD-based firewall distribution, which is extremely flexible for both businesses and individuals.  Additionally this platform can be installed on small ALIX hardware with Flash Memory as the storage all the way up to a full server deployment.  To give you an idea of speed, the small ALIX box (I have a few) […]

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Everyday I learn something new about Linux-KVM, this is why I love this platform.  Today we are going to talk about Live Migration.  The kicker?  Shared storage not required.  Now please keep in mind that just because shared storage is not required, doesn’t mean there is not a benefit to it.  Shared storage will accelerate […]

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We recently had an issue with Crucial M4 Solid State Disks when using them with ZFS on Solaris 11 Express (snv_151a).  Basically the disks were showing a whole bunch of write errors and had been “FAULTED” by ZFS. Now to make this problem even worse when we tried to zfs clear them it locked up […]

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