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Let me preface this article by stating that this issue is NOT a ZFS issue or a Solaris issue.  Previously I documented a issue in which the Crucial M4 SSD would “hesitate” causing ZFS to see it as faulted.  This was promptly fixed in v0002 of their firmware.  That issue is documented here.  This issue […]

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So I am on the ground in Dallas and trying to get my head around some of the technologies that we use in my new environment.  One of those being the Xen kernel.  I have never actually used Xen before, though I have used xenserver a bit.  Anyways so my first foray into the Xen […]

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I have been working on creating a bunch of debootstrap images lately, and I ended up doing a whole bunch of work creating tarballs and did it wrong.  So I took the time to sort out an easy way to fix them all with two commands. The Core of My Problem So what started this […]

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