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We use a couple of Dell PowerConnect 6224 switches in our storage network, however when they were first deployed we ran into an issue with the stacking modules. Basically when you brought up the switches they would both see themselves as master, and would not “stack” correctly. Turns out the solution was rather easy but […]

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Alot of my time is spent handling storage from the array side, however recently I had the need to test both sides of the process in order to perform some exclusionary tests against a fully adaptable environment, without impacting our production environments, so I ended up using OpenIndiana 151a on both the target and initator […]

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The most critical thing about any storage implementation is flexibility.  This means that you need to be able to adapt your solution to changing environmental considerations.  The nice thing about a ZFS-based solution is that all of the building blocks are available.  If you want to use it as a NAS device, you can use […]

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One of the most complex parts of storage in general and ZFS in particular is correctly assessing the amount and types of storage that you will need to meet your requirements.  You can of course just purchase what you can afford and hope for the best.  But after reading this article you can relatively easily […]

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Just about every IT environment has some sort of remotely managed environment which requires that they have SSH open to the Internet.  Perhaps this is a VPS, dedicated server, or colocation.  Regardless of your reason, the fact is that there is just some times where you need to have SSH open to the internet. However […]

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