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Check Current Version The important thing to notice here is snv_151a, which means that it is Solaris 11 Express.   Display the Current IPS Repositories This will show you the repositories configured on your system. Configure the IPS Repository If you don’t already have the repository configured you will need to configure it. Update Packages […]

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So I have found that it is rather easy to add entries into /etc/fstab while maintaining relatively legible scripts and making the changes with minimal user interaction… METHOD ONE This option is the simplest, we simply echo the line into the file as we want it to appear, then based on the >> it is […]

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Occasionally you will have the need to use physical volumes which exceed the limits of the standard DOS partitioning scheme.  When you run into this a quick fdisk -l will reveal that you will need a new way to partition your disks. Fdisk will produce output similar to this… Use Parted to Create a Partition […]

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In Solaris 11, alot of configurations are being moved from configuration files into the Service Management Framework.  Here we will discuss this change around the DNS client. View Existing DNS Client Configuration Update Existing DNS Client Configuration Here we will update our name servers.  In this case we are replacing the original with two different […]

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When Solaris 11 was released more configurations were moved into the service management framework, and moved out of configuration files, one of these changes was the hostname/nodename. View Hostname in SMF This will read back the configuration out of the SMF. Change Hostname in SMF We have two separate settings, which need to be updated. […]

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