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Today I am revisiting my previous post on Openvswitch on Ubuntu 12.04.  Things have changed since then.  Previously Openvswitch was relatively new and as such the userland tools (with libvirt being the one I use) didn’t support it yet, so while you could have used Openvswitch by executing the kvm processes for each VM manually.  […]

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Windows Server 2012 includes a new storage model.  It follows in the footsteps of ZFS and btrfs, in that it uses a pooled disk model, and attempts to combine all of the functionality of RAID, LVM, and the file system.  Now this looks like a 1.0 from the perspective of integration, however I am quite […]

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I don’t tend to use a lot of Windows in recent years, but if you look at my past articles I used to do quite a bit around Hyper-V, DFS, Exchange, and various other Windows Services.  One thing that was always frustrating is the inconsistent experience around NIC teaming.  Basically Teaming allows you to gain […]

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