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Currently I have been working on a method of migrating some of our data from Windows file servers to Solaris ZFS CIFS servers, of course trying to retain as much feature parity as possible.  Permissions are an issue, however I have worked through most of those issues (look for this article in the future), now […]

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Using the Active Directory Modules included with Windows 7 + Windows 2008 R2 we can use powershell to identify computer accounts which are “stale” and have not changed their passwords in a specified amount of time. Define the Windows for “Stale” Example will check for 365 days old. Count the Number of PCs which are […]

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Configure Kerberos Make a backup of our original, just in case. These sections already exist in the file so you will want to replace them with the correct values for your environment. Quick recycle of the services or a start if they aren’t running. Check Name Resolution Configuration Your domain and name servers should be […]

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