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Generally on this blog I tend to be far more technologist than pundit, in that I normally don’t write about something unless it has to do with doing something interesting technically.  However in this case I think a bit of talk about what happened and why might be in order for the architecture minded out […]

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I personally use Crashplan for my cloud based backups (I have for over a year).  I use them because they are one of a few (to be honest the only one) who actually have Solaris installers.  The one downside of this is that they do not start the CrashPlanEngine by default (as a service).  However […]

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In this article we will be using curl to interact with Rackspace’s Cloud DNS to manipulate resource records in zones which already exist.  For details on how to use curl against Rackspace’s Cloud DNS API please see part one in this series “Using Curl to Access Rackspace Cloud DNS” in part two I documented the […]

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In my previous post “Using Curl to Access Rackspace Cloud DNS” we documented the basics of authenticating with the Rackspace Cloud for use with the Beta DNS service they offer, as well as doing basic queries against this service.  Today we are going to focus on creating our first domain, which no doubt will offer […]

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Lately I have been looking at some cloud options for my more critical services, in this I have investigated Zerigo, Route 53, and Rackspace Cloud DNS.  Currently I have been focused on Rackspace DNS, since it is still free at this point, and frankly I’d rather not spend money on anything until I understand exactly […]

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