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Today we are going to go through the process of installing MySQL Server Community Edition on Fedora 20.  You could of course simply use MariaDB, but this will focus on the Community Edition. Install the MySQL Repository We will need to install the MySQL Community Repository, the MySQL project hosts an RPM file with the […]

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Starting in Oracle VM 3.2.1 the built in database of the Oracle VM Manager was MySQL.  I had hoped that this change would also signal a change in the database schema.  In prior versions of OVM 3.x all data was populated in the database in a completely useless longblob form. As we can see it […]

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Recently I have been spending some time learning about database technologies (Oracle Databases at Keste as well as MySQL on my own).  Part of this I have decided to carry over into my existing work with Solaris, and go through the installation process using the Image Packaging System which is in Solaris.  Now really the […]

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In MySQL if you want to find out what columns are in a given table, you can describe the table and it will show you the columns and the data types associated with that column.  However if you need to do this for a large number of tables, it can get a bit repetitive. Connect […]

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