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This is the final part in the “So You Want to Learn ZFS” series.  In Part One we discussed the reasons why you should be investigating ZFS if you are not already.  Part Two highlighted some of the differences from a usability perspective of Solaris versus a more traditional Linux system.  In Part Three we […]

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In my previous article we discussed the main reasons that you ought to be investigating ZFS as a storage platform for your organization.  In this article we will be documenting some of the major pain points that people have when giving Solaris a shot.  One common theme that you will notice throughout my writings about […]

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Enterprise Storage is currently broken.  IT departments big and small spend way too much money on completely ineffective storage solutions which only partially fulfil the companies storage need.  All  the while having to justify massive expenditures to the business which do not meet the need.  Essentially IT departments everywhere have become storage sales reps, sure […]

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