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Generally on this blog I tend to be far more technologist than pundit, in that I normally don’t write about something unless it has to do with doing something interesting technically.  However in this case I think a bit of talk about what happened and why might be in order for the architecture minded out […]

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Generally I don’t use my blog as a platform to find potential applicants for my employer, however at this point we are looking very seriously at some new candidates to fill out our Systems Team. This is a job that is very much “Systems” focused.  At Keste we define Systems as everything from the hardware […]

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In Part One we went over the basics of sudo, what it is, why we use it, and how it is used properly.  In this article we are going to take it a step further and look at specific use cases for sudo.  The key thing to remember though, is that you have two ways […]

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What is Sudo? Prior to sudo whenever you wanted to run a command as a specific user then you would su (switch user) to gain access to a shell for that user.  This of course required that you knew the password for that user, and it would spawn a new shell after successful authentication.  The […]

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I wanted to take a few minutes and let all of you know about an organization I had the pleasure and honor of working with recently.  I have worked with similar organizations previously however there was something truly special about this organization.  This organization was Heavenly Driven Disaster Relief website here. About HDDR Basically HDDR […]

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